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General Information

Aims and Scope

TSEM is an open access journal which focous on publishing original and peer reviewed research papers on all aspects of system engineering and modeling. And the topics include but not limited to:

Agent Based Simulation
Analytical and Stochastic Modelling Techniques and Applications
Application of Simulation Software
Application of Modelling and Simulation
Application technology
Biomedical visualization and applications
Bond Graph Modelling
Chaos Modelling, Control and Signal Transmission
Circuit simulation & modeling
Computational and Systems Biology
Computational Modelling and Simulation in Science and Engineering
Computer Games and Simulation
Computing and Simulation applications in science and engineering, society, economics, management, energy, environment, life and biomedical engineering, etc.
Computing and Simulation applications in education
Computing and Simulation applications in military field
Databases and visualization
Device simulation & modeling
Discrete and numerical simulation
Discrete Event Modelling and Simulation in Production, Logistics and Transport
Embedded computing and simulation technology
Emerging technologies and applications
Finite and boundary element techniques
High Performance Computing & Simulation
Information and scientific visualization
Intelligent computing and simulation technology
Interaction paradigms and human factors
Internet, web and security visualization
Knowledge-based simulation
M&S (M&S) technology on synthesized environment and virtual reality environment
M&S technology of continuous system/discrete system / hybrid system, /Intelligent system
M&S technology of complex system and open, complex, huge system
Mathematical Modelling and Application
Methodology and technology
Modelling and Simulation Methodologies
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Technologcial Processes
Mathematical and Numerical methods in simulation & modeling
Networked Modeling and Simulation technology
Object-oriented simulation
Parallel and distributed computing simulation
Parallel and Distributed Software
Perceptual issues in visualization and modeling
Pervasive computing and simulation technology
Process simulation and modeling
Production, Logistics and Transport
Prototyping and simulation
Real-time modeling and simulation
Simulation and Modelling in Molecular Biology
Simulation Application in Industry
Simulation Based Acquisition (SBA)/virtual prototyping engineering technology 
Simulation in Industry, Business and Services
Simulation of Complex Systems
Simulation of Intelligent Systems
Simulation, Experimental Science and Engineering
Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) technology
Vision and Visualization 
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